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**Mouse over images for a larger picture** HANDFOUND-HANDMADE-RECYCLED-UNIQUE-SANTA CRUZ SEA GLASS!

This is our SALE items - some up to 75% off! Each piece is authentic, hand-picked sea glass from California beaches. Don't be fooled by the fakes...they are out there, selling fake sea glass (ie: manufactured tumbled glass made to look like the real stuff) that is imported using cheaply made silver from Bali and Mexico. KEEP IT REAL - buy Real SCSG! We use quality USA produced sterling silver to make our all creations. Our products are from the USA, made in the USA and sold in the USA. We will be designing many new styles, so check back often or come see us at a show!

100% secure - 100% satisfaction. We ship using UPS insured with tracking of first class with insurance. Payment options can be invoiced using Visa, MC, or Paypal.

Each piece is shipped in a recycled paper box - ready to make a nice gift for that sea glass fan!

Eye ball from Davenport to ward off evil sea glass spirits! Size 8 SALE $100

Cool orange multi piece from Davenport beach - could be a remnant from the custom Lucas Ranch lampshades Lunberg Studios created...sweet! Size 8 SALE $150

Nice vibrant opaque RED ring! Make yourself happy with this one! Size 8 SALE $150

Sweet cobalt sea glass ring - love the triangle shape - nice size too! Size 6 1/2 SALE $150

Flawless peach/pink piece of sea glass - on an 18" sterling chain too! SALE STEAL $125

Nice light lavender pattern sea glass necklace 18" silver chain - SALE STEAL $100

Cute opalescent multi sea glass ring - flahes great opal colors in the sun! Size 8 SALE steal $125